Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The serial killer

Me received a lot of messages from humans who like to read what me write here. Me feel sorry if you all want me to write more often. Me try to do my best. Writing is not easy for me. And when me is very hungry, me can't write because my fingers move everywhere and me feel confused and need to eat fresh meat like you. Now, me will continue my story.

Me was following the road, remember ? A big box that humans called a "car" was coming to me. Me knew how to catch cars, them stop when you put your thumb up. It is an easy trick to go inside the big boxes and to kill humans. Them trapped inside. Me so big that they can't move when me on them. Me had the time to practice, but the only humans who stop are the old humans. Old female humans. Them skin very easy to tear. Dry skin. Not good, but when belly ask you to eat, you don't have the choice to choose.

The car stopped and one old female human was in it. Her asked me if me needed a ride. Me said yes. Her unlocked the door and me entered. Me didn't talk for at least 10 seconds, then I jumped on her. While me was on her ready to punch her face and break her neck like a little chicken, her said : "Don't kill me ! I am a grandma ! I have five children and thirteen little children !

- eighteen humans... Ohh..., me said. Me so sorry. Me from the forest. Me didn't eat for days and me only wanted to steal your car to go. Them me would have go buy food. Me know, me not a good human, but me will never kill someone special like you. Me think that every human me and you meet in a day have a meaning.

Her was still under me, so her couldn't breath normally, but her was more calm.

- I am so sorry , her replied. Me thought you were a serial killer. The one that they talk about in the newspaper.

- Serial killer ? Look at me face, me said, smiling and moving on the sit next to her. Me look like a killer ? And why you opened the door if you scared from serial killers ?

Her laugh a little bit. Her was red.

- I don't know what I was thinking about. I am old and weak, but I like to help people... Sorry, I see serial killers everywhere.... I... I... know you are not a serial killer ! I was just kidding you know.

Her was looking at the floor.

- Me is not mad, grandma. Me want to know more about children and little children. Me like humans. Humans are so good. Not good to eat, me mean, good in the heart !

- Oh.... ! There is so much to say about them... I wouldn't even know where to start !

- Open you heart. Don't be shy with me, female human. Me was smiling, me best smile.

Her laugh another time, her hand was touching the door.

- I'll open my heart, but I need to go in the bush... You know... to do what every humans need to do...

- Me is ok with that. Go do your thing. Me very patient and a very good human too, me said.

Me felt stupid. Me was too hungry. Her was so fat for an old human. Me was watching her go away from the car, entering in the bushes. So cute. And there was music in the car. "She loves you, yeah yeah yeah !"Something like that. It was a sign. Me decided to act. Me heart was big and red like a red flower. Me opened the door and went to the bushes.

Her was there, but her had something in her hands. Her was talking and crying !!! Her said there was a serial killer. Her was not looking in my direction. Me was looking everywhere ! A serial killer ! Me was very anxious. Me didn't want to die. Me big and can be angry and can kill anybody, but serial killers... Me heard from humans that they kill just for pleasure. Killing for pleasure ! At least, me kill because me hungry ! Not pleasure ! Me asked to her : "where is the serial killer ?" Her jumped and cried into the thing in her hands : "HELP ! He will kill me ! Help !!!" Me was confused and very scared. Me looked behind me. Nobody. Me looked at my left. Nobody. Me looked at my right. Nobody. Me understood ! Her was the serial killer and wanted to kill herself !

- Me will save you, grandma !

Her was running in the forest, me was following her. Her was not running fast and all the branches were cutting her face. Me was crying : "Stop ! Me just want to help you ! Stop, grandma!!" Suddently, her fall and me heard a bone cracked. Old humans are weak.

Me said to her : "Me just want to help you ! You a serial killer. You want to kill yourself. You not good in the head."

Her was crying and still trying to crawl far from me. It was funny to watch. Her was like a worm and me a bird. Me took a big rock and threw a big rock on her head. Her was not moving. Me went to see her head.

"You not good in the head ! Look, it is bleeding. Me knew you were not good in the head. You a serial killer. You wanted to kill yourself. Poor grandma. At least your hair smell good. Me will taste your head, maybe it is good inside me."

I ate all her head. It was the first time me did it. And me was thinking about all her children and little children. Me too her wallet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you really an ogre, or are you funny in the head?
Thanks for the comment.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Kartik said...

aah old tough grandma, not nice, young fleshy children, nice, haha
do tell us about it when you do eventually get around to eating them

8:04 AM  
Blogger ligamaister said...


bye bye

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Serial Kilelr Speaks!!!!!!!!!

6:36 AM  
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Serial Killer Speaks!!!

6:36 AM  
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