Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Running far away...

Me didn't come on the big spider net used to catch fresh humans for a long time !

Smelly human and me stopped in a strange place. A place where nobody can speak. A place where everybody looks in a strange object with a lot of leaves in it.

Me sorry ! Me had to run with smelly human. Smelly human said the pigs want to kill us. Him said it was because of me. Him talked about murdered. Me doesn't understand. Me was hungry. Me will explain to you later. Me have to leave again.

Bye my friends ! Please write me, you are special to me.

Don't panic, me have another story for you.


Blogger Laffy Taffy said...

I put you in my sidebar also.

7:19 AM  

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