Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Monday, July 24, 2006

Me new here. Me confused.

Me watch this thing and me don't understand. This thing is magic. Me only know this machine can catch people all over the world. World is big. Me know that. Me traveled from the north of the world to get here. No more humans to eat where I lived.

So me got an idea. Find humans to eat. Me don't know where me is now. Me is in a house with strange animals. Animals that have wings but can't fly. Me captured an human living in this house. Me was very hungry so me was ready to eat him. When my nose was near his skin, me almost vomit everywhere ! This human is not good to eat ! me said. Me wanted to clean the human, but him was talking and talking. Human was talking too fast for my brain. So me had to hit the human with my fist. Human was bleeding from the mouth. Me licked the blood and me didn't like it. Blood was tasting like the bad smell of his skin. So me decided not to clean the human. Me decided to try to understand this human.

Us talking a long time. Me understood a little bit of what him saying. I know him wants to help me find humans to eat. Him calls it Internet. Him said Internet is like a big net. You know what is a spider ? They have a lot of legs, me can't count them all, me can't count more than three... Me shy to say that but if you laugh me will crush your head. So.. spiders make net. Them catch little bugs and eat. Me will do the same. Me ingenious.

So if you want to help me. Me ready to meet you. You and me will talk a lot in the kitchen. Me ready to teach you how to cook food.

Don't run, me have another story for you


Blogger Askinstoo said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Gloria said...

Hello little ogre!
Do not eat me. I taste even worse than the human you live with.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Laffy Taffy said...

Me thinks this is the first blog me wants to actually be reading other than my own( also thinks this is a really good blog. If you are Little Ogre, do you eat small or big humans?

8:13 AM  

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