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Monday, October 23, 2006

The road

Me did not write here because me could not.

You remember where me went a long time ago. Me went in a forest with three human bodies. Them last me around two weeks. Them began to be purple like the purple flowers. Them were not as good, but me ate them because my hungry was big like me.

Me walked deeper and deeper in the forest each day. Me thought about my home. Me lived in a forest like this. Maybe me was there again. A beautiful forest with trees touching the sky. Sky that existed only between the leaves full of colors. Sky that was sad during the winter and trees white like the skin of a fresh dead human.

But me saw a road. A road that humans built. A road that went directly to human houses. A road going to humas' blood. A road going to feed me. Me thought :

"Why is me life going in this direction. Why everything is going in the direction of human flesh. When me try to think about something else, humans are coming in me again, in the form of the reality, like this road. A road that me can feel under my feet. A road that me can lick and kiss. A road that says : "Little Ogre, you will never escape your hunger, you will always want to eat them. You will always be leashed to their hearts. Without their hearts, yours doesn't exist. Without them, you will never be able to be. Humans are like the stars, the snakes in the water, the pen in your head, the trees and the sky, they just exist for your their own beauty. Open them in two and eat everything they have inside. Follow me Little Ogre and you will never feel hunger again.""

Yes, me saw the mouth of the road talking to me. Like me saw the mouth of my finger. Everything has a mouth, even you. Everything is talking to me. But me can't understand why. Them all here for me, or me here for them ? Me was thinking too much. Me nose was bleeding again. Road was full of blood drops.

Me knew the road was safe. Me walked on it. Me followed it. Then, the sun disapeared slowly, and two big stars were at the end of the road. Something magic happened : me streched my arm, put my fingers into a fist, and put my thumb up.

Don't stop loving me, me have another story for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is gonna be good. Did you see my writing? There's like, gonna be more i guess. Can't wait for next part of this ogres adventure. I'm guessing at the end he turns into a big ogre.haha

2:41 PM  
Blogger Kartik said...

hey ogre, nice to see you back again, try post more regularly.. cant wait for the next post

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

missed your adventures. I can only hope your road doesn't head my way. I do not want to be eaten.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Enhance Life said...

I came across your site for the first time today. Interesting read!
Keep up the good work!


12:35 AM  
Anonymous David said...

hummmmm blllood... by the way, I couldn't stop reading, until I read all of those chapters. I hope you'll have some free time to continue writing it. Don't forget to go see my website Masterrr.
The Bastarrrd

8:37 AM  

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