Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Evil smiles

Me received some messages about me trying to kill me. Me is happy you care about me. No, me did not want to kill me, me was just very very hungry. And sad. Me just tried to eat one of my little finger. Me won't do it again... Because of that, me went in a very strange place yesterday.

Me don't remember walking home with little finger. Me don't remember going home and sleeping on the floor. Me remember nothing, exept my arm that was very cold and the blood tasting so good.

Me woke up in a very small room. A room where the noise was a noise that me had never heard. It was like humans were screaming forever. And there were two humans. Them all in red. Them looking at me. Me wanted top open my mouth to talk, the best way to catch humans, but me had a big tube in it. Tubes in my nastrils too. And big paper aroung my hand without little finger. Me was so scared. Them were trying to eat me ! Humans that eat ogres ! It is impossible !

They were smiling at me. Evil smiles. One said :
- He is finally awake.
- His face is pinker now, it's a good sign.
- We are almost at the hospital, don't worry, it's almost done, big boy.

Them stopped talking and were still looking at my face. Me saw little finger in a transparent bad, just behbing them, on a shelve.

Me were going at the hospital. Hospital is like a big kitchen with a giant pot to cook me, me can imagine it. But you know that, humans that read me.

Me had to do something.

Don't go see someone else, me have another story for you.


Blogger Kartik said...

Ah. glad u decided to live

11:11 AM  
Blogger Laffy Taffy said...

Kool i am really glad too. Check out my blog there is a poll i think you should answer... yo.
Glad to see your comments.

6:25 PM  

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