Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The grass was wet

Me and smelly human found a place to stay. No pigs can find us here. Us save. Him gave me a shirt. He said me would look more normal. Me will look like an human him said. Me think it is true. But me don't feel very comfortable. Shirt too small for me, me think. Everybody can see my big belly. Me look like a human female on an image. Smelly human looks at them every night. Me asked him what it was. Him said something like : "I have to evacuate my sexual urges, like you have to kill and eat humans, please look somewhere else now." Me head hurts. Words were hard to find, but me did it completely. You see ? Me very intelligent.

Me said before that the pigs were chasing us. Me didn't told you the story yet. Me will, right now.

It was during the morning. When the sun rise and the grass is wet. Me know because me was playing in the grass. Me feet were all wet and funny. Me was standing there, trying to put one big toe in me mouth. It is hard ! Me was always falling. But me was trying again. Again. And again. Me wanted to taste me foot. Me never thought about doing it before. Magic things happen when me don't know what to do. Ideas come into my head. Me become happy.

So me was still trying to taste my foot. The sun was high. Me was thinking about the sun. Me almost knew what the sun was, but a big box that go fast appeared and stopped.

Me was afraid. But me is big and tall, me thought. Me must not be afraid of big box. Me was looking at the box. It was white like the moon, when the moon is white. The box opened !

Me didn't what to do. Me was excited. Me was confused. Me head shaked. Me nose wanted to bleed me think. Me wanted to run into Smelly human's house. Me wanted to run in the direction of the box too. Me had this feeling for the first time of my life. Me stood there. One of my foot was almost in my mouth.

Me eyes and mouth couldn't believe what was out of the box : a female human with long yellow hair ! Her had a stick and white leaves in her hands. Her was moving toward me. Her asked me : "Where can I check your electricity consumption ?" Me didn't understand. Me still don't. Female human had a strange look at me.

Me hadn't eaten fresh humans for a long time. Her was fresh meat. Me brain was spinning inside my skull. Me said : "Follow me". Her nodded. Yeah ! me found the magic words ! me was saying in my head. My smile was touching my ears, me sure of that. Bye, bye foot, you will be in my mouth later. Me knew smelly human was working. So her and me were alone. Me was walking into the house.

Her followed me.

Her was asking a lot of questions. Her said she wasn't sure if me was right with where to find the electricity. Her was right about it. Me only said : "Me sure, me not stupid." Her didn't say anything else. Her was was moving the stick on the leaves.

Us were in the basement. Me had to find something to kill this female human. But me didn't want to broke her. Me wanted quality meat. Me had an idea : the giant sea oyster !

There was one in the basement. Giant sea oyster is in a very small room. Me had to put the human in the giant oyster. But how ?

"You, go see in this room, a lot of electricity there, me saw it this morning", me said, proud of the new word me learned and remembered: electricity. Her was impatient. Her walk into the room and said : "There is only a toilet in this room ! I am tired of you, moron !" Me didn't know the word moron, but me didn't think about words at the moment, me though about flesh and blood.

Me ran to the entrance before her could go out. Her was trapped ! Her was trying to hit me with her fists, but me didn't feel anything. Me was watching her. Her was cute for a human. Her would be cute in my belly.

- Please don't rape me ! Please, no ! Go away fucking bastard ! her was screaming.

- Rape ? Me said with a soft voice. No, me is hungry. Me want you to help me to eat.

Her stopped trying to hurt me. Her was looking in my eyes. Me smiled. Her smiled too.

Me got her by the neck with one of my hand. The other between her legs. Me flipped her into the sea oyster. The mouth of the monster full of her head. Me waited like this a couple minutes, until her stopped moving.

It is good memories. It was quality flesh, too. Me wonder if the grass is wet this morning.

Don't close your eyes, me have another story for you.


Blogger Kartik said...

Im not sure if this a relly cute blog or a really sick one! I'll keep checking back to till i'm sure.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

J'ai pas eu le temps de vraiment farfouiller dans ton blogue, mais ca semble t'etre tres fidèle:P

8:13 AM  

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