Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Monday, September 11, 2006

We don't need the sun

Me read messages from all of you, fresh humans who like me. Me too like you. Me can't describe how me feel when me think about you, but my tongue drops saliva on my belly.

Me did not write because me was trying my new way to catch humans. Remember when me sacrificed me to eat someone ? Me tried again but did not catch any humans. Nobody came to me on the bridge. No stars in the sky. No snakes in the water.

Me was sad. Being hungry is not easy for anybody. Me was crying, but not because me was sad, no, no ! Me wa crying to drink me eye juice. Me do that when no humans to eat.

Drinking my eye juice was good, but me was not thirsty anymore.

Me was HUNGRY.

Me thought about sacrifice, but in another way. A genious way ; my way. Me thought : who do me like the most and is always with me ? It was late so me thought a long time. The sun was breaking the dark sky and me had the answer !


So if me like me and me like to eat fresh humans, maybe me is good to eat and taste better than humans because me like me better than humans !

Me looked at my hand and me did not think. Me just crunch the little finger. Me pulled on it the first time. But little finger did not want to come out me hand. Me pulled again, trying to put my teeth more inside him. Blood was trying to go on the ground, but me was catching it with my mouth. I pulled again and the finger cracked and came into my mouth ! Me was so happy ! So happy ! So happy ! Oh me had my finger in my mouth ! Me was feeling the bone on my tongue. Me was tasting me skin, flesh and blood of my body at the same time !

Me will always remember the blood from me finger going in my throat. Everyhumans should try it.

Me was tasting so good that me could not stop drinking blood from the hole in my hand beside other fingers. Me was sucking and sucking. Me hand was white like the snow on the mountain where me was living. Me was not feeling me hand. Me was feeling little dots everywhere under me hand and arm and me laugh very loudly.

Me had the little finger in my other hand while me was sucking blood that was now very cold and the sun was red and was almost all round.

Little finger smiled and said to me :

"Let's go home, we don't need the sun to heat us, let's go home and lick me all day long so I can feel your warm presence."

Don't go away, me have another story for you.


Blogger Kartik said...

Don't you dare kill off the ogre if thats what you are getting at.

12:03 AM  
Blogger Laffy Taffy said...

I definitely think you should not kill the ogre. I also recommend you try eating plants and vegetables and fruit. Being a vegeterian is definitely better than eating people dude.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Natalie said...

when did the ogre become a human?

1:34 PM  
Blogger maxridelvr said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gross! Why the heck did you eat your finger?Yeah, and I thought MY story on my blog was wierd!

3:33 PM  

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