Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The serial killer

Me received a lot of messages from humans who like to read what me write here. Me feel sorry if you all want me to write more often. Me try to do my best. Writing is not easy for me. And when me is very hungry, me can't write because my fingers move everywhere and me feel confused and need to eat fresh meat like you. Now, me will continue my story.

Me was following the road, remember ? A big box that humans called a "car" was coming to me. Me knew how to catch cars, them stop when you put your thumb up. It is an easy trick to go inside the big boxes and to kill humans. Them trapped inside. Me so big that they can't move when me on them. Me had the time to practice, but the only humans who stop are the old humans. Old female humans. Them skin very easy to tear. Dry skin. Not good, but when belly ask you to eat, you don't have the choice to choose.

The car stopped and one old female human was in it. Her asked me if me needed a ride. Me said yes. Her unlocked the door and me entered. Me didn't talk for at least 10 seconds, then I jumped on her. While me was on her ready to punch her face and break her neck like a little chicken, her said : "Don't kill me ! I am a grandma ! I have five children and thirteen little children !

- eighteen humans... Ohh..., me said. Me so sorry. Me from the forest. Me didn't eat for days and me only wanted to steal your car to go. Them me would have go buy food. Me know, me not a good human, but me will never kill someone special like you. Me think that every human me and you meet in a day have a meaning.

Her was still under me, so her couldn't breath normally, but her was more calm.

- I am so sorry , her replied. Me thought you were a serial killer. The one that they talk about in the newspaper.

- Serial killer ? Look at me face, me said, smiling and moving on the sit next to her. Me look like a killer ? And why you opened the door if you scared from serial killers ?

Her laugh a little bit. Her was red.

- I don't know what I was thinking about. I am old and weak, but I like to help people... Sorry, I see serial killers everywhere.... I... I... know you are not a serial killer ! I was just kidding you know.

Her was looking at the floor.

- Me is not mad, grandma. Me want to know more about children and little children. Me like humans. Humans are so good. Not good to eat, me mean, good in the heart !

- Oh.... ! There is so much to say about them... I wouldn't even know where to start !

- Open you heart. Don't be shy with me, female human. Me was smiling, me best smile.

Her laugh another time, her hand was touching the door.

- I'll open my heart, but I need to go in the bush... You know... to do what every humans need to do...

- Me is ok with that. Go do your thing. Me very patient and a very good human too, me said.

Me felt stupid. Me was too hungry. Her was so fat for an old human. Me was watching her go away from the car, entering in the bushes. So cute. And there was music in the car. "She loves you, yeah yeah yeah !"Something like that. It was a sign. Me decided to act. Me heart was big and red like a red flower. Me opened the door and went to the bushes.

Her was there, but her had something in her hands. Her was talking and crying !!! Her said there was a serial killer. Her was not looking in my direction. Me was looking everywhere ! A serial killer ! Me was very anxious. Me didn't want to die. Me big and can be angry and can kill anybody, but serial killers... Me heard from humans that they kill just for pleasure. Killing for pleasure ! At least, me kill because me hungry ! Not pleasure ! Me asked to her : "where is the serial killer ?" Her jumped and cried into the thing in her hands : "HELP ! He will kill me ! Help !!!" Me was confused and very scared. Me looked behind me. Nobody. Me looked at my left. Nobody. Me looked at my right. Nobody. Me understood ! Her was the serial killer and wanted to kill herself !

- Me will save you, grandma !

Her was running in the forest, me was following her. Her was not running fast and all the branches were cutting her face. Me was crying : "Stop ! Me just want to help you ! Stop, grandma!!" Suddently, her fall and me heard a bone cracked. Old humans are weak.

Me said to her : "Me just want to help you ! You a serial killer. You want to kill yourself. You not good in the head."

Her was crying and still trying to crawl far from me. It was funny to watch. Her was like a worm and me a bird. Me took a big rock and threw a big rock on her head. Her was not moving. Me went to see her head.

"You not good in the head ! Look, it is bleeding. Me knew you were not good in the head. You a serial killer. You wanted to kill yourself. Poor grandma. At least your hair smell good. Me will taste your head, maybe it is good inside me."

I ate all her head. It was the first time me did it. And me was thinking about all her children and little children. Me too her wallet.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The road

Me did not write here because me could not.

You remember where me went a long time ago. Me went in a forest with three human bodies. Them last me around two weeks. Them began to be purple like the purple flowers. Them were not as good, but me ate them because my hungry was big like me.

Me walked deeper and deeper in the forest each day. Me thought about my home. Me lived in a forest like this. Maybe me was there again. A beautiful forest with trees touching the sky. Sky that existed only between the leaves full of colors. Sky that was sad during the winter and trees white like the skin of a fresh dead human.

But me saw a road. A road that humans built. A road that went directly to human houses. A road going to humas' blood. A road going to feed me. Me thought :

"Why is me life going in this direction. Why everything is going in the direction of human flesh. When me try to think about something else, humans are coming in me again, in the form of the reality, like this road. A road that me can feel under my feet. A road that me can lick and kiss. A road that says : "Little Ogre, you will never escape your hunger, you will always want to eat them. You will always be leashed to their hearts. Without their hearts, yours doesn't exist. Without them, you will never be able to be. Humans are like the stars, the snakes in the water, the pen in your head, the trees and the sky, they just exist for your their own beauty. Open them in two and eat everything they have inside. Follow me Little Ogre and you will never feel hunger again.""

Yes, me saw the mouth of the road talking to me. Like me saw the mouth of my finger. Everything has a mouth, even you. Everything is talking to me. But me can't understand why. Them all here for me, or me here for them ? Me was thinking too much. Me nose was bleeding again. Road was full of blood drops.

Me knew the road was safe. Me walked on it. Me followed it. Then, the sun disapeared slowly, and two big stars were at the end of the road. Something magic happened : me streched my arm, put my fingers into a fist, and put my thumb up.

Don't stop loving me, me have another story for you.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The pen

Me had to go out this place. Evil smiles everywhere in my mind.

Me stood up and hit one of them directly on his face. The other was screaming like a girl, but me knew it was the sound of a demon trying to destroy my brain. Me blocked my ears with my fingers, and me charged, me head ahead, on this bad human. Me hit him in the belly. Me and him were on the ground. Me finger in the bag was close to me. Me had to get it before them eat it.

Me heard a weird noise and me flew on one wall, with the two humans. Me heard a bone cracked, me knew it was not mine.

"Help ! Help ! Get us out of here Tony !" One human said.

"No, no, no ! Him won't have the time to help you." me said, up on my feet, them crawling on the floor, blood spreading from their mouths and nastrils.

Me put one of my foot on one of the humans' face. Me was pushing so hard that he couldn't remove it with his hands. Him was trying to push me away, but me very big. Heee heee ! Him was moving everywhere on the floor. Me knew him was dying soon.

But me didn't think about second human. Me had to think about it next time, because me had something in my head, me could felt it. But me didn't have the time to wonder what was in my head.

Immediatly me swang my arms everywhere in circle. But him was faster than me, him was crouching on the ground.

"Little demon, come here !"

Me tried to kick him but him rolled on the left, close to the big doors. Me saw someone behing the window. Tony was here. Me decided to jump on the door. Me was lucky, the door opened at the same time. Me was on Tony, a human with very long hair and glasses.

Me put two of my finger over the glasses and me pushed very very hard. Me saw the round glasses going on his eyes. Eyes were flat now. Glasses were almost in the eyes. Oops ! The eyes were open. Him was trying to cry but my other hand was pressing in his jaw on the sides. Him was ugly now. Glasses were inside the head now. Me pushed more until blood was covering the glasses.Me stood up and saw other human still inside the small room. Him was looking at me and was so white that me was laughing very hard.

"hahahaha ! You white like a chicken feather !"

Him was trying to speak, but me couldn't hear anything. Him was not moving.

Me took the bag with my finger inside. Me was looking at the human. Me asked : "What you put in my head ?"

"A.... a.... a... pen ! Excuse you mister ! Please don't kill me !"

"A pen ? Pen that humans use to write poetry ?"


"One human said to me, me was good with poetry. And you gave me a pen to write poetry. Me will say something to you. Him was delicious. So me thing you will be delicious too."

One hit on the head, him was dead. Me didn't know where me was. But a forest was just there. Me knew how to survive in a forest, so me went in it, with dead humans.

Oh, me will tell you, him was not that good, and this pen is still in my head.

Don't eat a chicken, me have another story for you.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Evil smiles

Me received some messages about me trying to kill me. Me is happy you care about me. No, me did not want to kill me, me was just very very hungry. And sad. Me just tried to eat one of my little finger. Me won't do it again... Because of that, me went in a very strange place yesterday.

Me don't remember walking home with little finger. Me don't remember going home and sleeping on the floor. Me remember nothing, exept my arm that was very cold and the blood tasting so good.

Me woke up in a very small room. A room where the noise was a noise that me had never heard. It was like humans were screaming forever. And there were two humans. Them all in red. Them looking at me. Me wanted top open my mouth to talk, the best way to catch humans, but me had a big tube in it. Tubes in my nastrils too. And big paper aroung my hand without little finger. Me was so scared. Them were trying to eat me ! Humans that eat ogres ! It is impossible !

They were smiling at me. Evil smiles. One said :
- He is finally awake.
- His face is pinker now, it's a good sign.
- We are almost at the hospital, don't worry, it's almost done, big boy.

Them stopped talking and were still looking at my face. Me saw little finger in a transparent bad, just behbing them, on a shelve.

Me were going at the hospital. Hospital is like a big kitchen with a giant pot to cook me, me can imagine it. But you know that, humans that read me.

Me had to do something.

Don't go see someone else, me have another story for you.

Monday, September 11, 2006

We don't need the sun

Me read messages from all of you, fresh humans who like me. Me too like you. Me can't describe how me feel when me think about you, but my tongue drops saliva on my belly.

Me did not write because me was trying my new way to catch humans. Remember when me sacrificed me to eat someone ? Me tried again but did not catch any humans. Nobody came to me on the bridge. No stars in the sky. No snakes in the water.

Me was sad. Being hungry is not easy for anybody. Me was crying, but not because me was sad, no, no ! Me wa crying to drink me eye juice. Me do that when no humans to eat.

Drinking my eye juice was good, but me was not thirsty anymore.

Me was HUNGRY.

Me thought about sacrifice, but in another way. A genious way ; my way. Me thought : who do me like the most and is always with me ? It was late so me thought a long time. The sun was breaking the dark sky and me had the answer !


So if me like me and me like to eat fresh humans, maybe me is good to eat and taste better than humans because me like me better than humans !

Me looked at my hand and me did not think. Me just crunch the little finger. Me pulled on it the first time. But little finger did not want to come out me hand. Me pulled again, trying to put my teeth more inside him. Blood was trying to go on the ground, but me was catching it with my mouth. I pulled again and the finger cracked and came into my mouth ! Me was so happy ! So happy ! So happy ! Oh me had my finger in my mouth ! Me was feeling the bone on my tongue. Me was tasting me skin, flesh and blood of my body at the same time !

Me will always remember the blood from me finger going in my throat. Everyhumans should try it.

Me was tasting so good that me could not stop drinking blood from the hole in my hand beside other fingers. Me was sucking and sucking. Me hand was white like the snow on the mountain where me was living. Me was not feeling me hand. Me was feeling little dots everywhere under me hand and arm and me laugh very loudly.

Me had the little finger in my other hand while me was sucking blood that was now very cold and the sun was red and was almost all round.

Little finger smiled and said to me :

"Let's go home, we don't need the sun to heat us, let's go home and lick me all day long so I can feel your warm presence."

Don't go away, me have another story for you.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The stars and the snakes

"Helping people is good. Sacrifice yourself for the others, and the others will sacrifice themselves for you. Don't think about yourself, only think about the others, and the world will become one, and there will be no more problems."

That's what smelly human said to me yesterday when me was hungry and me was only thinking about eating another fresh human.

Him was right, but me was still hungry. Me always thought about others, because me always wanted to eat others. But me didn't think about sacrifice.

Me decided to sacrifice what humans called "myself".

Me went on a big bridge. It is close to where me and smelly human live. Me heard smelly human talking about people jumping from there. People that wanted to die. People that sacrifice themselves.

Me put my new larges clothes (smelly human said he bought them in a special store for special people like me) to go throught the city full of fresh humans.

It was night and me couldn't see any stars in the sky. They were in the streets, just a few meters from my head. Me like the city for that, so close to the universe.

Me was looking at the ground, me was too hungry to look at the humans in the street. Me remember the human female with almost no clothes. Her said : "It is only $100 to get me." But me didn't have what humans called dollars. Me had something else : Sacrifice.

Me wassitting on the edge of the bridge. Me was looking at the waves in the water under me. Waves that moved like a snake. Me was thinking about jumping in the snake waves. The stars of the bridge were in the water too.

Mix of stars and snake. Wonderful moment of my life. Me couldn't prevent me to cry.

"Me is nothing !" me screamed to the water. "You are full of stars and snakes. Me is only full of blood and flesh. What will me become ! Me is nothing !!"

Suddently, a voice came behing me and me felt a hand on my shoulder : "You are not nothing, you are special, my friend."

Me didn't know what to say. Me was special he said. Me smiled.

-"It was very poetic what you said about the stars and the snakes in the water, him said, with the same smile, do you want to walk with me, so we can talk without danger ?"

-"Me want to sacrifice me. Me want to jump and die. Me want to be magic in the water, with the stars and the snakes."

-"You know, I've almost jumped from this bridge before, one year ago, because I thought I was stupid, but a woman came just in time to rescue me. Since, I've changed and I feel a lot better. It's why, everynight, I walk on this bridge, just in case I can save someone life. And tonight, you're here, crying and ready to jump. Faith wanted me to save you."

-"What is faith ?"

-"Faith control our life. Faith determine who we will meet, everything we will do. It is hard to explain, but there is no need to understand. You just can't know what will happen, everything is planned for you, you don't have to think about it."

-"So me can't decide to die right now ?"

-"Yes, you can, but faith put me in your way to save you."

-"Me don't understand everything. Me so tired with all these words..."

-"Take my hand then, I'll help you to stand up."

Me grabed the hand of the nice human and me pulled him in the water. Me jumped to catch his body. Under the bridge, the meat was cold and wet.

Nobody was watching us, except the stars and the snakes.

And me thought : Sacrifice yourself for the others, and the others will sacrifice themselves for you.

Don't let me alone, me have another story for you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The grass was wet

Me and smelly human found a place to stay. No pigs can find us here. Us save. Him gave me a shirt. He said me would look more normal. Me will look like an human him said. Me think it is true. But me don't feel very comfortable. Shirt too small for me, me think. Everybody can see my big belly. Me look like a human female on an image. Smelly human looks at them every night. Me asked him what it was. Him said something like : "I have to evacuate my sexual urges, like you have to kill and eat humans, please look somewhere else now." Me head hurts. Words were hard to find, but me did it completely. You see ? Me very intelligent.

Me said before that the pigs were chasing us. Me didn't told you the story yet. Me will, right now.

It was during the morning. When the sun rise and the grass is wet. Me know because me was playing in the grass. Me feet were all wet and funny. Me was standing there, trying to put one big toe in me mouth. It is hard ! Me was always falling. But me was trying again. Again. And again. Me wanted to taste me foot. Me never thought about doing it before. Magic things happen when me don't know what to do. Ideas come into my head. Me become happy.

So me was still trying to taste my foot. The sun was high. Me was thinking about the sun. Me almost knew what the sun was, but a big box that go fast appeared and stopped.

Me was afraid. But me is big and tall, me thought. Me must not be afraid of big box. Me was looking at the box. It was white like the moon, when the moon is white. The box opened !

Me didn't what to do. Me was excited. Me was confused. Me head shaked. Me nose wanted to bleed me think. Me wanted to run into Smelly human's house. Me wanted to run in the direction of the box too. Me had this feeling for the first time of my life. Me stood there. One of my foot was almost in my mouth.

Me eyes and mouth couldn't believe what was out of the box : a female human with long yellow hair ! Her had a stick and white leaves in her hands. Her was moving toward me. Her asked me : "Where can I check your electricity consumption ?" Me didn't understand. Me still don't. Female human had a strange look at me.

Me hadn't eaten fresh humans for a long time. Her was fresh meat. Me brain was spinning inside my skull. Me said : "Follow me". Her nodded. Yeah ! me found the magic words ! me was saying in my head. My smile was touching my ears, me sure of that. Bye, bye foot, you will be in my mouth later. Me knew smelly human was working. So her and me were alone. Me was walking into the house.

Her followed me.

Her was asking a lot of questions. Her said she wasn't sure if me was right with where to find the electricity. Her was right about it. Me only said : "Me sure, me not stupid." Her didn't say anything else. Her was was moving the stick on the leaves.

Us were in the basement. Me had to find something to kill this female human. But me didn't want to broke her. Me wanted quality meat. Me had an idea : the giant sea oyster !

There was one in the basement. Giant sea oyster is in a very small room. Me had to put the human in the giant oyster. But how ?

"You, go see in this room, a lot of electricity there, me saw it this morning", me said, proud of the new word me learned and remembered: electricity. Her was impatient. Her walk into the room and said : "There is only a toilet in this room ! I am tired of you, moron !" Me didn't know the word moron, but me didn't think about words at the moment, me though about flesh and blood.

Me ran to the entrance before her could go out. Her was trapped ! Her was trying to hit me with her fists, but me didn't feel anything. Me was watching her. Her was cute for a human. Her would be cute in my belly.

- Please don't rape me ! Please, no ! Go away fucking bastard ! her was screaming.

- Rape ? Me said with a soft voice. No, me is hungry. Me want you to help me to eat.

Her stopped trying to hurt me. Her was looking in my eyes. Me smiled. Her smiled too.

Me got her by the neck with one of my hand. The other between her legs. Me flipped her into the sea oyster. The mouth of the monster full of her head. Me waited like this a couple minutes, until her stopped moving.

It is good memories. It was quality flesh, too. Me wonder if the grass is wet this morning.

Don't close your eyes, me have another story for you.

Little Ogre is a fictional character created by David Baril, myself, and no, I don't eat humans.

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