Me is Little Ogre. Me hungry.

Me is lost. Me not from here, but me found someone nice. This nice human will help me to catch tasty humans like you. Me need new recipes !

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The pen

Me had to go out this place. Evil smiles everywhere in my mind.

Me stood up and hit one of them directly on his face. The other was screaming like a girl, but me knew it was the sound of a demon trying to destroy my brain. Me blocked my ears with my fingers, and me charged, me head ahead, on this bad human. Me hit him in the belly. Me and him were on the ground. Me finger in the bag was close to me. Me had to get it before them eat it.

Me heard a weird noise and me flew on one wall, with the two humans. Me heard a bone cracked, me knew it was not mine.

"Help ! Help ! Get us out of here Tony !" One human said.

"No, no, no ! Him won't have the time to help you." me said, up on my feet, them crawling on the floor, blood spreading from their mouths and nastrils.

Me put one of my foot on one of the humans' face. Me was pushing so hard that he couldn't remove it with his hands. Him was trying to push me away, but me very big. Heee heee ! Him was moving everywhere on the floor. Me knew him was dying soon.

But me didn't think about second human. Me had to think about it next time, because me had something in my head, me could felt it. But me didn't have the time to wonder what was in my head.

Immediatly me swang my arms everywhere in circle. But him was faster than me, him was crouching on the ground.

"Little demon, come here !"

Me tried to kick him but him rolled on the left, close to the big doors. Me saw someone behing the window. Tony was here. Me decided to jump on the door. Me was lucky, the door opened at the same time. Me was on Tony, a human with very long hair and glasses.

Me put two of my finger over the glasses and me pushed very very hard. Me saw the round glasses going on his eyes. Eyes were flat now. Glasses were almost in the eyes. Oops ! The eyes were open. Him was trying to cry but my other hand was pressing in his jaw on the sides. Him was ugly now. Glasses were inside the head now. Me pushed more until blood was covering the glasses.Me stood up and saw other human still inside the small room. Him was looking at me and was so white that me was laughing very hard.

"hahahaha ! You white like a chicken feather !"

Him was trying to speak, but me couldn't hear anything. Him was not moving.

Me took the bag with my finger inside. Me was looking at the human. Me asked : "What you put in my head ?"

"A.... a.... a... pen ! Excuse you mister ! Please don't kill me !"

"A pen ? Pen that humans use to write poetry ?"


"One human said to me, me was good with poetry. And you gave me a pen to write poetry. Me will say something to you. Him was delicious. So me thing you will be delicious too."

One hit on the head, him was dead. Me didn't know where me was. But a forest was just there. Me knew how to survive in a forest, so me went in it, with dead humans.

Oh, me will tell you, him was not that good, and this pen is still in my head.

Don't eat a chicken, me have another story for you.


Blogger Kartik said...

That was a little disturbing ogre!
Get that pen outta you head and write some poetry!
Gald to see a new post after so long

10:00 AM  
Anonymous HaLoGuY007 said...

Check out my new writing at!!! Can't wait to hear your next story!

2:18 PM  

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